Fitness Test

21 questions, 10-15 min

  1. You've been doing dumbbell curls for about 3 months. Three times a week you do 12 reps using 25 pound weights. At the beginning you were struggling with the last couple of reps, but now you're so bored with it, that you find yourself cleaning the house at the same time. It's time to
    increase the amount of reps.
    increase the weight.
    stop exercising! Apparently, you have reached the peak of your fitness level.
    increase the amount of times a week that you do dumbbell curls.

  2. One pound of muscle burns ___ calories of fat a day, whereas, one pound of fat burns ___ calories a day.


  3. Anaerobic means "without oxygen". Which of the following exercises is an example of an anaerobic activity?

    holding your breath underwater

  4. After committing to exercise for an entire year, you have reduced both your weight and your fat percentage. There are many positive effects of this accomplishment. Which of the following is not affected by your reduction of weight and fat?

    The rate and amount of fat metabolized.
    Your upper body and abdominal visceral fat.
    Your total daily energy expenditure.
    Your blood sugar count.

  5. When I do sit-ups, I am working towards reducing fat...
    only in my abdominal area.
    only in my "love handles".
    in all parts of my body.
    Doing sit-ups does not reduce fat. It does, however, increase my sex appeal.

  6. The more I sweat,

    the more fat I lose.
    the more weight I lose, that is, until I drink again.
    the more humid it is.
    the unhealthier I am.

  7. Aerobic exercise is beneficial to the quality of my skin because
    it improves the nutrition of skin cells and increases the blood capillary density in the skin.
    the process of sweating cleans out my pores by removing waste products.
    it strengthens my muscles, therefore giving my skin a "tighter" and more serious look.
    it is not beneficial to the quality of my skin.

  8. When designing your exercise program, there are four basic types of exercise that you can do. Which of the following is NOT one of these basic types?

    muscular endurance

  9. I have decided to increase my level of cardiorespiratory endurance. The exercise I chose is:

    dumbbell curls
    singing lessons, which train me to intake oxygen in huge amounts.

  10. Strengthening my abdominal muscles is one of the best ways to

    lose fat in my abdominal region.
    attract men/women.
    ensure better breathing.
    protect against back pain.

  11. Among occupational groups, mail carriers live the longest in the USA. This is because
    people who live longer usually perform prolonged moderate exercise. Therefore, because mail carriers must walk long distances, they live longer.
    they are getting short bursts of exercise between driving in their cars, which reduces weight more effectively than long periods of moderate exercise.
    they build up muscle while carrying their heavy bags.
    This is not true. It's a rumor intentionally spread by the government designed to boost the falling number of applicants to be mail carriers.

  12. Which of the following is NOT a good reason to stretch before exercising?

    Stretching increases your general coordination.
    Stretching relaxes your body.
    Stretching encourages upper-diaphragm breathing.
    Stretching warms your muscles.

  13. When you are pursuing strength training, you

    work the muscles against progressive resistance or overload.
    continually move the muscles for long periods of time.
    are increasing the range of motion in the joints.
    need to increase your consumption of dark chocolate.

  14. When exercising, I _____ when my muscles contract and I _______ when they lengthen.

    hold my breath/exhale
    inhale/hold my breath

  15. When exercising, the tearing of microscopic muscle fibers is thought to cause

    DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
    increased height. This was a common occurrence in medieval times when the body rack was used as a torture device.
    the beginnings of a torn ligament.

  16. Which body type portrayed in the following images would fall into the Ectomorph category?

    Soft and round
    Small-framed and thin
    Rectangular-shaped; fat stored evenly all over the body

  17. When you exercise, the water that you lose through sweating comes from

    recycled urine.
    blood plasma.
    extra water contained in the lower layers of cells.
    cerebro-spinal fluid.

  18. Exercise reduces the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer by
    reducing body fat. Body fat produces estrogen, which aids in the growth of some female cancers.
    releasing the substance Beta-Carotene, which is known to have positive effects in reducing these two types of cancers.
    releasing beta-endorphin and thereby strengthening the immune system.
    it does not reduce the risk of these two types of cancer (although it does have beneficial effects on other types of cancer).

  19. When you're sweating, ___________ goes down, and __________ goes up.

    weight/the muscle mass of the exercised region
    water volume/adrenaline
    your concentration/your susceptibility to injury
    blood volume/the concentration of salts in your blood

  20. The area in which you store your fat is probably as important as the amount that you store. People who store fat around their bellybutton area are at greater risk for certain diseases than people who store fat below the waistline. Which diseases are the bellybutton storers more susceptible to?

    coronary heart disease and diabetes
    breast cancer and prostate cancer
    osteoporosis and diabetes
    breast cancer and osteoporosis

  21. What is an aerobic threshold?

    The point at which energy production switches from being aerobic to anaerobic.
    When your aerobics' teacher gets a bit too chirpy and suddenly you find yourself wishing you'd taken up meditation instead.
    When your adrenaline kicks in and your energy seems to suddenly increase.
    When your muscles begin to get sore.

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